Our philosophy

Understanding Property

With a wealth of experience in development and asset management we have an insight into what makes the property process tick from purchase to sale.

Years of managing other professionals and working with end occupiers allows us to fully understand the key drivers in the property process and enables us to get the best from professional teams.

Attention to Detail

Cordatus prides itself on its attention to detail, from the creation of strategies to their implementation and management. Whilst having an attention to detail, we balance it with a holistic view to ensure we never lose sight of key objectives.

Performance through planning

Cordatus have a proven track record in the enhancement and refurbishment of assets.  We are specialists in adding value to stand alone assets or commercial portfolios.  Performance is key to everything we do.

Corporate Governance

Strong corporate governance and financial management are at the heart of our philosophy.  We consider these values to be critical to both our business and the service that we provide our clients.


The business is 100% owned by the Directors (and Chairman) so we are able to focus solely on our clients needs without outside interference or conflicts of interest.

Peer Review

The Directors all have day to day responsibility for managing clients and importantly property assets. We undertake regular peer reviews on clients assets and the relevant Directors current strategy and performance against objectives. With 5 strong willed experienced managers this can sometimes be a difficult experience!

We are members of the following professional bodies: