Real Estate Asset Management

In today’s tight market and constrained funding environment the real opportunity to create value comes through what we call "intelligent" asset management.

Cordatus is highly experienced in delivering this type of asset management which is defined by the unique combination of skills that we possess.

  • An experienced and a proven track record
  • A “client” mentality – each of our directors has extensive experience as clients so we bring a 360 degree perspective. This has been a key factor in many of our successful appointments.
  • A strategic approach to the formation, implementation and monitoring of our business plans.
  • The level of experience applied to assets – Directors lead every single project.

Successful Asset Management is a hands-on business and we like to get our hands dirty.  

Maximising Income is the key driver - Rent reviews, lease expiries, tenant breaks and occupancy levels are just some of the components that have to be continually driven and relentlessly pursued.

Property Management must never be neglected - It can have a significant bearing on income and capital value.  It is important to us to ensure that the management services and accounts provided by our partners are executed diligently and are up to date.

Knowing your tenants is essential - We endeavour to understand their business needs and objectives

Adding value requires an entrepreneurial ethos - Our varied and extensive skills enable us to assess assets from various perspectives and identify opportunities by thinking outside the box.

Risk Management requires continual review of the dynamics of risk vesus reward - From initial appraisal and due diligence during purchase, to business plan formation and eventual sale, we review all possible outcomes.

From our broad capabilities, we can tailor the individual service you need to achieve the results you want.