2020 Cordatus ESG Awards – The Results!

By May 11, 2020News

To much eager anticipation among team members, the results of the inaugural Cordatus ESG Awards were recently announced. The Award is presented on an annual basis to encourage asset managers to think about ESG in all their activities.

This year, two particular submissions received stood out and it was agreed that this year’s prize would be jointly awarded to two applicants.

So congratulations to Andrew and Douglas for their commitment to improving the ESG credentials of their assets and of Cordatus Real Estate.  Unable this year, for obvious reasons, to present the prize(s) in person, Mike Channing commented:

“I was delighted with the response that this year’s competition produced. The quality of all submissions was high, but the joint winners showed real enthusiasm and initiative in their well thought out and documented projects.

There is growing evidence that ESG factors, when integrated into investment management and portfolio construction, can offer investors potential long-term performance advantages and our aim is to ensure that our team is thinking about these issues as part of their day to day portfolio management”.

Amazon e-vouchers of £75 were awarded to both winners.