Cordatus Partners was formed in February 2007 as a fully independent real estate asset management specialist.

In April 2012 Cordatus Partners merged with Kirkstone Real Estate to form Cordatus Real Estate.  It is owned by its principal directors, who lead every single project. Cordatus has a proven track record in a market that is increasingly dependent upon skilled experience.

The 5 key directors have over 130 years of asset and development management experience between them, largely within leading fund management and development companies.

The 5 key property directors are Tom Laidlaw, Michael Cunningham, Mike Channing, Gavin Munn and Paul Blyth.

The directors aim has been to create a fully integrated real estate asset and development management business which retains the strong corporate governance and financial controls associated with a large fund management business but which is 100% focused on meeting clients requirements, has no conflicts of interest and allows the directors to utilise their specialist property skills in adding value.

"It has been my privilege to chair the Cordatus board since its inception.  Our approach has evolved through  lengthy experience with leading fund management companies.  Our management team has consistently outperformed targets, driven up growth and excelled through agile and responsive entrepreneurialism. I am filled with optimism by our progress and the bright future that awaits us"

Peter Arthur, Chairman