Sustainability Policy

Sustainability and ESG issues are a key part of the commercial real estate investment decision making process from purchase, through ownership and ultimately to disposal.

The Cordatus Property Trust decided to become a GRESB Real Estate Fund Manager member in 2016 as the ability to demonstrate and benchmark ESG performance of property companies and property funds is becoming ever more important and relevant in today’s investment world.

GRESB is widely recognized as the global benchmark for ESG assessment of real estate portfolios and by our participation, we will be able to easily communicate with our investors on ESG performance using a clear, consistent and recognized framework.

Since joining GRESB, the Trust’s GRESB survey score has improved significantly through active implementation of a variety of ESG policies and measures. Our ongoing aim is to achieve steady and sustainable improvement in our GRESB ratings across all areas of the portfolio and our business.

As part of that process, where possible, we will continue to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency across landlord areas of the portfolio and to encourage our tenants to do the same.

For further information please contact Mike Channing, Fund Manager for the Cordatus Property Trust and our Director in charge of Sustainability.